Mulago Catholic Parish celebrates 62nd Parish Day







My dear brothers and sisters as we celebrate the 62nd Anniversary of our Parish and the 315th anniversary of the birth of the congregation of Holy Spirit/ Spiritans with profound gratitude let us remember the great love and mercy of God towards us as his beloved children. Beloved children of God, join me to warmly welcome the Archbishop His Grace Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga the Archbishop of Kampala who has accepted to be our main celebrant as we celebrate our Parish Day and the anticipated Pentecost. Your Grace you are most welcome to Mulago Parish. Today is the day the Lord has made we rejoice. Let us remember with gratitude what God has done for each one of us as individuals, in our fam­ilies and the family of Our Lady Help of the Sick Mulago Catholic parish and the family of the Congregation of Holy Spirit/ Spiritans. Since the humble beginning of the Parish in 1956, God has been the sole Architect of both spiritual and social development.

The Pentecost Sunday is great for the Congregation of the Holy Spirit. We remember with profound gratitude to God for humble beginning of our Congregation in 1703 by Claude Poullart Des Places. The Pentecost Sun­day also marks the birth of the Universal Church. It is this rich historical background that we should rejoice in Lord always. Let us therefore rejoice in our Catholic faith God has given to us. Each one of us has called by God to serve Him in various capacities. Some have been called to marriage life, others to religious and priesthood. Let each one of us proclaim the gospel of Christ by his or her way of life. Through the celebration of the sacra­ments and allowing the gospel to shape and influence our lives we shall be renewed in Christ. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to stir up the gifts of the Holy Spirit within us so that we may be renewed.

To the "great apostles" the Spiritan family in Uganda and all over the World, as we celebrate the 315th anniversary of birth of the Congregation we give glory to God for His great love and mercy. With gratitude we re­member and thank the Almighty God for the gift of our founder Claude Poullart Des Places and the co- founder Fr. Mary Paul Francis Libermann who were prompted by the Holy Spirit to begin the Congregation.

As we celebrate our Parish Day, I take this golden opportunity to thank the Almighty God for the spiritual and social development of our parish. We pay special tribute to Mgr. John Ssemmanda (R.I.P), Fr. Doll (R.I. P) and Fr. George Crocenzi, CSSp (R.I.P). And all who have worked in this parish. In the same vein I thank the old parish executive committee, the new parish executive committee, development and planning committee, leaders, our Christian community and friends of Mulago who have con­tributed towards the development of our parish. May the good Lord bless the works of your hands. To Superior Uganda Group, confreres, religious sisters, Lay Spiritan Associates and entire family of Mulago, happy Feast Day.


Rev. Fr. Nicholas Kerebba Mumbi, CSSp






Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On this day when the Church in Uganda and indeed in many other parts of the universal Church gathers to celebrate the solemnity of the Ascension the Lord Jesus Christ, we as the faith community of Our Lady Help of the Sick, Mulago Catholic Parish also gather to celebrate our Parish day. I therefore wish to congratulate you all upon reaching this year's celebration and to applaud the Pastoral team and all the faithful for the work done to grow the faith, to develop the parish and to make your contribution to the process of nation building.

What binds us together as a community is the gift of faith we all share in at Baptism. By this gift, we commit ourselves to be, not only followers, but also co-workers with Christ in the vineyard of the Lord, to perpetuate His Mission of giving abundance of life (John 10:10), and inaugurating the reign of the Kingdom of God here on earth (Luke 4:18- 20). Our vocation is meant to impact positively on the lives of the men and women of our time, in very practical and tangible ways. In the light of this understanding, in a particular way, the Ascension of the Lord challenges us to recognize the immense trust the Lord Jesus invests in us, the Church, when in Mark 16:15-20 He effectively puts us in charge of the ministry He himself was commissioned by the Father to inaugurate (John 20:21). Therefore, beyond the celebration of the parish day merely as an annual event, perhaps it is opportune that we ask ourselves, we the faith community in Mulago Parish, whether we have adequately used those faith resources and inspirations available to us, to effectively con­tribute to the process of liberating the men and women of Uganda from corruption, disease, poverty, humiliation, violence, discrimination, fear, murder, hopelessness; and such other experiences of life that tend to conspire to prevent them from experiencing life to the full. Are we being faithful custodians of the ministry of Christ and, are we a saving influ­ence on our societies today or we are just part of the problem?

May we be challenged by the message in Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et Exultate (On the Call to Holiness in the World Today), to earnestly desire as a parish community, a life of holiness that- adequately reflects the God we represent in the world (Matthew 5:48). In the words of the Pope, "Let us ask the Holy Spirit to pour out upon us a fervent longing to be saints for God's greater glory, and let us encourage one another in this effort. In this way, we will share a happiness that the world will not be able to take from us."

I wish you all a Blessed Ascension Day, and a very Happy and grace filled Parish day!


Rev. Fr. Martin Andama, CSSp. Superior,

Congregation of the Holy Spirit, Uganda.





His Grace Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese, Superior of the Spiritan Congregation Uganda Rev. Fr. Martin Andama, CSSp., The Parish Priest Our Lady Help of the Sick Mulago Parish Rev. Fr. Nicholas Kerebba Mumbi, CSSp, the Curates and Confreres, parish executive committee, all Religious Men and Women. All Distinguished Guests and all the Parishioners of Our Lady Help of the Sick Mulago Parish, with gratitude I thank the Almighty God for having brought us this far I congratulate all of you as we Celebrate Our Parish Day, The Pentecost Day and the day of our Spiritan Fathers Congregation and at the same time I welcome you to Our Lady Help of the Sick, Mulago Parish I take this opportunity to thank the Good Lord who has taken us through the Lenten season, Easter, Easter Tides and now it is our joy that we are celebrating the Pentecost Day. Therefore this gives me great joy and a strong reason to thank the Lord who has brought us this far with noticeable success in our Parish and the Church at large. I argue you all my dear brothers and sisters in Christ to continue remembering our Lord, thank him and to serve him and ensure that our Catholic Church grows in sprit and faith.

As Christians of Mulago Parish, we thank Our Father His Grace Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga Arch Bishop of Kampala Archdiocese for having honored us and accepted to be the main Celebrant of our Mass and the main Guest of Honor. Thank you for loving us the Parishioner of Mulago Parish and we wish you Gods blessings in Abundance I thank all our Priests in Mulago Parish, All Religious Men and Women
of God, The Spiritan Congregation and all the Lay Spiritan Associates, the Parish Executive, Central Organizing Committee, Sub- Parishes in Mulago Parish, all Christian Communities and Friends of Mulago Parish for all the support and contributions towards the organizing of this day, I ask the good Lord to bless you abundantly May our Mother Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ and all Christians always intercede for us.

As we the Parishioners of Mulago and all of you our beloved guests, let us continue serving the Lord as brothers and sister with One Heart and One Soul and the Lord will add on his abundant blessings
I wish all of you Happy Celebrations. , Yours in Christ,


Mrs. Proscovia Sebunya

Head of Laity "Tujjukkire, tujaguze, twezze buggya"



 Many thanks to Fr. Joseph SSERUGGA for the following photos.






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